"This dermatologist is the very best!!! He is kind, caring, and very good at what he does. He found several suspicious skin lesions on both my husband and me and zapped them right off. We are so pleased with him that we are continuing to go to him even though he is not covered by our health plan, so that means paying out of pocket, but he’s worth it!! I’m a retired RN so I’ve had plenty of experience with doctors and know when I find a good one."
- Joyce
Registered Nurse
“Dr. Deram is a very knowledgeable dermatologist. He was extremely gentle but effective and created a natural pleasing result. My visit with him was very beneficial in that he quickly understood my concern and explained my options. He didn’t’ try to sell me hype, rather, he helped me choose the most effective treatment and I am extremely happy with my results! Other yelpers should feel confident about visiting this doctor.”
- Nilufar A.
“I just finished getting botox from dr. Deram. My wedding is coming up so I wanted to look my best. Dr Deram did such a nice job and I didn’t even feel the needles. He truly knows his craft.”
- Al M.
“Dr. Deram is accommodating and very patients, explained all you need to know. The treatment is very effective you will see the improvement of you skin. I highly recommend Dr. Deram as your dermatologist. Thank you Dr Deram. I’m happy with my treatment.”
- Jeff S.
“Dr. Deram is the best! He takes his time with his patients and recommends what’s truly best.”
- Angelica G.